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3 Dec

Flower valley – Thai Giang Pho

Speaking of Bac Ha is about a white plateau of plums flowers, corn liquors of the fair went on lyrics. Located in the commune of Thai-Giang-Pho, it’s about 3km from the town center, entered the valley visitors can soak up the nature with flowers. Emerged between Bac Ha white highlands, valleys appear brilliant flowers with colorful shimmering. Flowers like Cymbidium, Roses, hydrangeas, daisies, … blooming like adorned white highlands.

Come to the valley flowers travelers have the opportunity to indulge in the fresh air of Hmong villages, the corn field and green rice field untouched. Especially quiet space of the village will help visitors have time to relax, rest more comfortable. The carpet of flowers in red, pink and yellow stretch makes anyone come here all feel extremely excited

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